Conference Volunteers

Volunteers needed to support WIO Network’s conference on May 31st between 8:30 – 19:30.

  1. Photographer – to produce high-resolution/high-quality imagery of the conference and networking event.
  2. Registration volunteer – is responsible for welcoming attendees and distributing registration materials. Volunteer will need to familiarize with the conference program. Volunteer, must be onsite for registration 8:30 – 10:00.
  3. Social media support – to manage the live streaming of the conference on Facebook. Ensure equipment and streaming is functioning properly and report back to the technical staff at the venue. Previous experienced with video content management system or/and CDN (content delivery network) preferred.
  4. Social Media Volunteer (two) – These volunteers should have some knowledge about tweeting protocol and Twitter best practices (use of hashtags, re-tweeting, and attribution, etc.). Also, Volunteers will post and follow Facebook Live audience. Volunteers will not be tweeting/post as official representatives of WIO Network but will coordinate with WIO Network team to ensure consistency of message.
  5. Volunteer writers – to write a summary of the conference. Length 800 words, the submission deadline is June 3rd. Your contribution will be published in IDN-InDepthNews, which serves as flagship agency of the International Press Syndicate and its partner, the Global Cooperation Council. IDN-InDepthNews is a media outlet which also receives a lot of attention from staff members worldwide. Also, we are looking at other news outlets to publish the summary. Authoring such story is an excellent opportunity if you have experience in writing or are interested in writing for a publication.

Please contact us using the following e-mail with your availability.

We look forward to hearing from you,

WIO Network Team